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Dr Quark's Scientific Circus

is available for performances at schools, preschools, theatres,

OSHC centres, libraries and community events across South Australia.

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A BIG thankyou to my brother Rob Denton of You Tell Videos for producing the Video Story above for my business Bright Spark Entertainment. It gives a nice overview of what I set out to achieve with all of my educational performances. Contact You Tell Videos if you are interested in Rob's Video services.
The Scientific Bubble Show will visit schools, preschools and childcare centres, theatres and community events in Adelaide and rural South Australia. Contact Graeme Denton (aka Marty McBubble) to make a booking. Everyone will love The Scientific Bubble Show. ScientifiBubble Show.

Dr Quark’s Scientific Circus will visit schools and centres in Adelaide and rural South Australia. Contact Graeme Denton, aka Dr Quark to make a booking. Everyone will love Dr Quarks Scientific Circus.

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And if you like Science and Bubbles,
then you can also book
The Scientific Bubble Show
from Bright Spark Entertainment. 
Click here to find out more! 


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To find out about our other educational performances, please visit
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