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Science is everywhere! Especially in the Circus!


In this high energy show Dr Quark explores the incredible science of the circus.


While performing feats of unicycling, juggling, rolla bolla and plate spinning, Dr Quark explores push and pull forces, balance, energy types, gravity, friction and air pressure. And he explains them in simple terms appropriate for pre-schoolers. 

5 Four Plate Spin.jpg
21 Rolla Bolla.jpg

"The students were raving about how great

the show was, and the teachers were thrilled too!"

He then applies those same concepts and more to his favourite science demonstrations.

20 float ball.jpg

Yes! That means wacky water rockets, groovy gyroscopes, magical floating beach balls, giant balloons and the incredible ostrich egg squeeze!

10 Wheel on string.jpg

With exciting demonstrations, circus music, and plenty of fun,

Dr Quark will engage everyone

as they learn about the science

of the circus and more!

9 Popcorn balance.jpg
13 big balloons.jpg

The show can be performed inside your centre, in whatever space you can provide. 

Please see Booking Details at the bottom of this page.

11 Juggle small uni.jpg

The discoveries of great scientists will also be discussed (in very simple language) including how things move (Newton's laws of movement), the floating ball effect (Bernoulli) and the effects of gravity on falling objects (Galileo). 

4 Kindy Juggle.jpg

Along with basic concepts such

as shapes and their properties,

large vs small (volume),

hot vs cold (temperature),

heavy vs light (mass),

types of movement

(spinning, rolling, sliding)

and why moving objects want

to keep moving (momentum).

All learning is linked to the Australian Science Curriculum (Links available upon request)

18 Uni Skip.jpg

And because Dr Quark is a former Junior Primary teacher, with many years experience in presenting to children under 5 years, he is able to explain the scientific concepts in a manner that is suitable for young learners.

22 Balloon partway.jpg
14 Ostrich.jpg
23 balloon all way in.jpg


Preschool: $390 + GST

Childcare Centre

$430 + GST

 Performance Duration: 45 minutes 

A travel fee may apply for rural visits

or phone

8353 0575 / 0407 816 059


Dr Quark’s Scientific Circus will visit schools and centres in Adelaide and rural South Australia. Contact Graeme Denton, aka Dr Quark to make a booking. Everyone will love Dr Quarks Scientific Circus.

Performances also available for theatres, schools, OSHC 

and Community Events. Click menu below to find out more

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